The Yancheng District Household Registration Office, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 32-year-old woman who relinquished her Vietnamese nationality when she married her first Taiwanese husband in 2002, and who later became stateless after they divorced, has finally been granted permanent residency in Taiwan after her new Taiwanese partner sought help from the Kaohsiung authorities.

The woman surnamed Nguyen, whose first marriage ended after four years, was successfully divorced by her husband in 2006, the Taiwan Times reported.

As she had already relinquished her Vietnamese nationality, following the divorce she was unable to be naturalized as a Taiwan citizen.

Over the years, Nguyen met another Taiwanese man surnamed Li, with whom she had a stable relationship that led to the birth of their son.

Being stateless, Nguyen was not allowed to get married to Li, who was recently convicted of crimes and due to serve time in prison.

Fearing that his partner might be repatriated while he was in prison, Li sought help from the Yancheng District office of the Department of Household Registration.

The department investigated their relationship which was confirmed to be valid, and thus the Ministry of the Interior permitted their marriage registration to become official.

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