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Founded in 1995 as a printed broadsheet newspaper, Asia Times has relaunched and developed into the world’s only multi-language, pan-Asia digital news platform and is now one of the fastest growing news media sites in the world.

Asia Times three main newsrooms and social media hubs are in Bangkok, Hong Kong and New Delhi and these are supported by bureaus in Beirut, London, New York, Washington and Seoul.

In total, Asia Times has more than 180 commentators, reporters, editors and multimedia producers working across the globe and this skilled network launched a new interactive site in February 2019 at

The new Asia Times platform still includes our now familiar and respected mix of independent and authoritative pan-Asian news, analysis, opinion and geopolitical commentary but also introduces a host of news, modern and fast-paced multimedia and video news media features.

Asia Times, relaunched under a new management structure in 2016, has just gone through a period of remarkable growth.

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Uwe Parpart, Editor

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