The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan has been assessing extending visa-free access to nationals from other countries in Asia. Photo: Google Maps.

Tourists coming from India, Indonesia and Vietnam are most likely to become eligible to enter Taiwan without a visa in the upcoming third phase of the New Southbound Policy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is said to be reviewing the above-mentioned countries in terms of their political, economic and social conditions, national income, passport security measures and likeness of their nationals overstaying or committing crimes while assessing the feasibility of granting visa-free access to their passport holders, Udn Daily News reported.

Thailand and Brunei nationals were the first to be granted visa-free access on August 1 last year, and that access will be extended for Thai nationals until the end of 2018, given the local tourism industry has benefited from the strong increase in the number of Thai tourists, the China Times reported.

From June 1 this year, the policy was extended to nationals from Sri Lanka and Bhutan. The Philippines was due to be included, but its nationals have yet to enjoy that privilege due to social instability and Muslim separatism in the south of the country.

Taiwan authorities said expansion of the visa privilege for Philippine citizens might be made available after the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei in August.

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