(From AFP)

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen and his family have built a multi-million-dollar business empire spanning the impoverished country’s most lucrative sectors, a watchdog said Thursday, warning foreign investors against bankrolling his regime.

Cambodian PM Hun Sen
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen releases birds in front of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh

Hun Sen, a former Khmer Rouge commander who defected from the bloody regime, has dominated Cambodia’s political scene during a 31-year reign marred by accusations of corruption, electoral fraud and rampant rights abuses.

During that time, the wily premier has also used his position to hand control of swaths of the country’s economy to his family, the UK-based watchdog Global Witness detailed in a report Thursday.

Hun Sen and his relatives have amassed more than $200 million through their interests in 114 private companies, according to the report, which cited data from the country’s Ministry of Commerce. Read More

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