If famously unhinged American rapper Kanye West can run for president, there is clearly room in the American political arena for candidates from the comparatively rational world of cryptocurrency.

Enter Brock Pierce. The crypto evangelist, entrepreneur and former child star has announced that he has his sights set on the Oval Office.

He tweeted on July 5: “I, Brock Pierce, am running for President of the United States of America.”

Pierce is the chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and co-founder of EOS Alliance,, Blockchain Capital, Tether, and Mastercoin (the first initial coin offering).

The 39-year-old’s campaign website does not make it clear whether he is seeking a party nomination or if he is running as an independent.

It states that he is a digital currency pioneer and has raised more than $5 billion for the companies he has founded.

The site makes no mention of his previous career as an actor. As a child he starred in films including Disney’s The Mighty Ducks (1992) and First Kid (1996).

After giving up acting at age 17, Pierce went on to co-found the first of his ventures, Digital Entertainment Network.

Pierce has in the past been linked to both right-wing political strategist Steve Bannon and the deceased sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein.

John McAfee

Pierce is not the first cryptopreneur to throw his hat into the ring. John McAfee, who first made a name for himself developing security software, sought both the presidential and vice-presidential Libertarian party nominations but failed to secure sufficient support.

The US edition of The Specator reported on March 4: “The aftershocks of a stunning Super Tuesday continue to ripple through the conscience of America. Suddenly, a great number of Americans find themselves wondering where they can turn to find the best hope to restore American dignity and normalcy.

“I’m referring, of course, to Libertarian presidential candidate and fugitive John McAfee, who sadly announced he was suspending his campaign in a Twitter video Wednesday from parts unknown. The country has been robbed of the potential for McAfee, surrounded by a plethora of gorgeous Belarusian strippers and strapped up with an AK-47, to be sworn in to the presidency with an acid-dipped joint dropping from his lips.”

McAfee’s privacy-focused cryptocurrency Ghost was recently launched in Hong Kong, where it is haunting locations including Disneyland.