The Shen-Ao Fishing Port inspection office in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Two migrant fishermen from the Philippines were arrested on Wednesday by Taiwanese authorities in New Taipei City for illegally working and running away from their previous employers.

At about 9 pm on May 22, while an entertainment fishing vessel at Shen-Ao Fishing Harbor was about to set off from the fishing port inspection office, officers suspected a Filipino man onboard could have been an illegal runaway migrant worker, the Pacific Daily reported.

Officers from the Coast Guard Administration and from Ruifang Precinct of the New Taipei City Police Department confronted the man, who surrendered himself as he had been a runaway from his former employer.

After questioning, officers learned that one of his compatriots was also allegedly working illegally at Wanli Fishing Harbor. Authorities rushed to the location where they found the second offender.

Authorities then made an appeal, saying that any members of the public should contact the Coast Guard Administration by dialing 118 to report any employers who illegally hire migrant workers or any foreign nationals with questionable identities.

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