Section 3 of Jiayuan Road, Shulin District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Police in Taiwan have discovered that a 53-year-old local man, initially assumed to have been killed in a traffic accident in Taipei last week, died after a fight with another man over a Vietnamese woman they both loved.

Investigators discovered that the victim, named Tang, had been stabbed to death by a 67-year-old man who was besotted with Tang’s girlfriend, a 48-year-old Vietnamese widow.

The police learned that Tang and the woman, named Nguyen, worked in a wet market. They had been in a stable romantic relationship for the past two years. However, a 67-year-old named surnamed Dai, who had a recycling business, met Nguyen and fell for her, the United Daily News reported.

According to other vendors in the wet market, Nguyen repeatedly turned down Dai’s advances and told him that she was in love with another man. But the older man was persistent and did not give up. Tang and Nguyen felt harassed by Dai’s obsession about her.

At 11am on March 25, Tang was riding on his motorcycle and bumped into Dai, who was seen on a three-wheeled motorbike and lingering outside Nguyen’s home in Section 3 of Jiayuan Road in Shulin district.

The pair got into a verbal dispute, which turned physical and lethal, with Dai pulling out an iron blade and striking Tang near the heart.

The perpetrator fled the scene, leaving Tang lying on the street bleeding. A passer-by later called the police but assumed that the man was injured in a motorcycle accident.

Officers suspected it was a case of murder because witnesses said that two men had a dispute prior to Tang’s death.

Strangely, Dai later rang Nguyen and scolded her, using foul language, before admitting that he was responsible for killing her boyfriend.

Police were able to track him down via his call. They located Dai and arrested him for murder.

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