Sanmin Second Precinct of the Kaohsiung City Police Department, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A vigilant bank teller in Taiwan may have saved a 50-year-old single woman in Kaohsiung from falling victim to online scammers, as he persuaded her not to send nearly NT$60,000 overseas to her alleged lover in the Philippines.

The teller also informed police about her case and Kaohsiung City Police Department dispatched two officers, surnamed Huang and Wu, from the Sanmin Second Precinct to the bank to assist staff, who suspected that a client surnamed Lu had been tricked by a syndicate requesting money from her, the Taiwan Times reported.

The woman explained to the officers that she had become friendly with a Filipino man via Facebook earlier this year, and the pair had soon fallen in love with each other.

After learning that her “lover” had financial difficulty and family emergencies, Lu decided to empty her account and send him NT$59,000 (US$1,915).

Officers managed eventually to change the woman’s mind by explaining to her patiently that this was a typical ploy adopted by scammers who try to cheat victims into sending them money.

Single women were targeted as they were more likely to lower their guard and eager to help when they hear of people they “love” are in financial trouble.

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