Pingtung County Government Labor Department, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 98-year-old wheelchair-bound man from Pingtung, Taiwan, suffered open fractures to his toes when his Indonesian caregiver left his left foot dangling and rubbing against the ground while taking him for a stroll on Saturday afternoon.

The man’s grandson did a post on social media, noting that the caregiver, who had only been hired two months earlier, was either listening to music on her earphones or talking on her mobile while his grandfather around, suggesting she was distracted while working, the Taiwan Apple Daily reported.

The elderly man’s left foot slipped off the footplate, causing his toes to touch the ground. The caregiver was unaware and kept pushing him, letting his toes rub on the ground.

The worker only stopped when a neighbor passing by noticed the man was bleeding. Photos showed the man suffered from open fractures, with flesh scraped off and parts of bones showing. He had to be hospitalized for treatment.

The grandson said the case had not been reported to police as the family had not reached a consensus. The Pingtung County Government Labor Department said it had not received any complaints from the employer.

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