Taoyuan city. Photo: iStock

Authorities in Taiwan have detained seven migrant workers from Vietnam for possible links to the murder of a man from their homeland.

Local media reported that a migrant worker surnamed Vu got into a heated argument with a colleague over work-related matters on Sunday February 17 in Taoyuan city.

Two Vietnamese men named Truong and Nguyen tried to stop the dispute but were stabbed in an altercation, VN Express reported.

Truong and Nguyen were found lying in a pool of blood when the police arrived at the scene. The two were rushed to a local hospital. Truong succumbed to his wounds but Nguyen survived and is still being treated.

Seven Vietnamese suspects, including Vu, are currently in custody facing charges relating to the murder of Truong and the stabbing of Nguyen.

In 2015, Taiwan lifted a 10-year ban on categories of Vietnamese workers, which attracted more migrant workers from Vietnam looking for jobs abroad.

Last year about 65,000 workers from Vietnam went to work in Taiwan, which was almost half of the Vietnamese workers overseas. Taiwan is popular because workers can earn three to four times the average wage they receive at home.

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