Changhua County Police Department, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Changhua County Police Department, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A migrant worker from Vietnam was sentenced to jail for causing the death of a fellow Vietnamese migrant worker in 2017.

On January 2 the man, identified only by his surname Ninh, was sentenced to seven years and two months to prison for causing injuries to a colleague named Pham Vanpho on April 2, 2017, Central News Agency reported.

According to the court, the two men got into a fight over the cleaning of a factory dormitory area in Changhua County. Ninh reportedly knocked Pham over, beat him in the head and kicked him in the stomach. The victim suffered respiratory failure and shocks to his central nervous system, which ultimately killed him.

Due to the fact that Ninh did not use any weapons in the attack, the court chose not to impose murder charges. Instead, it found him guilty of causing injuries that resulted in death, meaning a lighter jail term compared to those given for murder convictions.

Capital punishment is carried out in Taiwan for serious crimes such as murder, treason and drug trafficking.