Luodong Precinct of the Yilan County Police Bureau, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Two Vietnamese women, aged 25 and 37, who were on travel visas, were arrested in Yilan in northeastern Taiwan for allegedly breaching their conditions and for providing sexual services.

Acting on tip-offs, officers from the Luodong Precinct of the Yilan County Police Bureau raided two residential units where the two women were found to be offering sex for money, the Liberty Times reported.

A preliminary investigation found that the women were not part of the group of 15e Vietnamese who disappeared on December 25 after entering the country as tourists. These two women arrived in Taiwan one month earlier, on November 22, 2018.

However, they were confirmed to have breached their conditions of stay as visa-free visitors can only stay in Taiwan for 14 days.

The pair were aided by a Vietnamese immigrant who allegedly advertised sexual services by posting seductive photos online and arranged for three or four customers on average per day for each of the two women.

Police learned the woman allegedly withheld NT$1,200 (US$38) as a fee for each service that cost NT$2,200 (US$71), meaning each of the suspects could only take the remaining NT$1,000 (US$32).

The two were referred to the Yilan National Immigration Agency while police were gathering evidence to arrest the woman who helped them.

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