Taipei District Prosecutors Office, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Three Vietnamese permanent residents of Taiwan have been arrested for conspiring with human traffickers in Vietnam to bring young women to Taiwan to work as prostitutes.

The prime suspect surnamed Nguyen, who obtained his permanent resident’s status by marriage, was responsible for recruiting young Vietnamese women to Taiwan, the China Times reported.

Officers from the National Immigration Agency learned that the man would ask prospective candidates to shoot selfies and film themselves. In order to impress Nguyen, who was known for preferring sexually attractive women, the candidates reportedly posed in revealing clothes.

The second suspect surnamed Mai, whose husband is Taiwanese, was the “interpreter” who advertised on Zalo, the most popular messaging app in Vietnam, to attract compatriots to visit Taiwan on tourist visas in order to earn quick money in the sex industry.

The third and the last suspect was surnamed Cheng, whose father is Taiwanese-Vietnamese. He worked as the driver who transported new arrivals from Vietnam to locations where they allegedly conducted vice operations.

Investigators learned that each victim who wanted to come to Taiwan paid the Vietnamese smuggling syndicate S$1,000 to US$2,000, part of which, around US$100 or US$200, was paid as commission to the trio.

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