Taichung High Court, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A Taiwanese man who was convicted in Changua District Court of sexually assaulting an elderly relation’s Indonesian caregiver lost his appeal against his five-year prison sentence at Taichung High Court.

The court previously learned that the married man surnamed Sung, a truck driver, visited his grandmother-in-law’s home in Lukang, Changhua, with his wife and two children in March 2017, the China Times reported.

The sexual assault, which was not the first attempt by Sung, happened the next day when Sung’s wife went out with her parents at about 6am. This left Sung, his two children and the children’s great-grandmother at home, asleep.

While the Indonesian caregiver was cleaning the bathroom on the first floor, Sung rushed into the unit, where he blocked the door to prevent her from escaping.

The man allegedly forced himself on the worker, kissing her and molesting her with his hands. The abuse, caught on the home’s security cameras, went on for 21 minutes.

As this was not the first time Sung had tried to force himself on her, prior to his intrusion, the Indonesian worker managed to start the recording function of her mobile, which she dropped into a bin to avoid Sung’s detection.

The victim reported her case to the authorities and used the audio file as evidence.

The man denied sexually assaulting the worker, adding that she had gained pleasure from the event because he heard her moan.

The judge slammed the man for outraging the modesty of the victim, noting that the man was heard trying to seduce the worker to comply with his demands for sex despite the fact that she kept shouting for Sung’s wife, saying no to the man and groaning in pain. The judge rejected the appeal, meaning that Sung’s five-year prison term stands.

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