Heping Road, Taitung County Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Eleven Vietnamese illegal migrants were found hiding inside a dump truck after officers conducted an inspection of the suspicious vehicle on Saturday in Taitung County, Taiwan.

On January 12, while officers from the Taitung County Police Bureau were undergoing an operation targeting large vehicles and minivans, a dump truck was intercepted outside a substation of Taiwan Power Company on Heping Road of Taitung County, the Liberty Times reported.

Since the dump truck driver was reportedly acting suspiciously and uncooperatively, officers insisted on checking the truck’s load.

By removing the black canvas sheet over the truck’s hopper, officers found 11 men, all Vietnamese.

It was found that nine of the men had overstayed in the island country while one had run away from his employer and the other had recently arrived in Taiwan on a tourist visa.

All the arrestees were referred to the National Immigration Agency which will arrange for the repatriation of the illegal immigrants.

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