A Hong Kong bus. 
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
A Hong Kong bus. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A dispute over bus seats that apparently erupted when one passenger accused another of being “too big” has landed both in trouble, with an off-duty police officer arresting them for fighting in a public area.

Witnesses said that the men, a 57-year-old with the surname Ng, and a 38-year-old with the surname Chan, began arguing on a route 69X bus over the size of one of the passengers, Apple Daily reported.

Chan and a female friend got off at Tai Lam Tunnel Bus Interchange, but Ng reportedly tried to prevent them from getting onto a route 296C bus. A video shows the two men kicking each other, with the older man eventually falling onto the floor.

The fight was stopped by the off-duty police officer, who ordered the two men to get off the bus. Ng was taken to hospital after complaining that he had suffered injuries to his face.