A Monocled cobra and two Gaboon vipers were found near a baby's crib in a man's home in Georgia, United States. Photos: Wikimedia Commons

An American man was charged after venomous snakes were found near his baby’s crib inside his home in Georgia, United States.

Investigators from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office initially raided the home of Gregory Alan Frederick, 28, to search for illegal drugs. Instead they discovered three snakes, a Monocled cobra and two Gaboon vipers, next to a baby’s crib, The State reported.

Rangers from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources were called to seize the snakes, which are illegal to own without a permit. Sheriff Janis G. Mangum said the Department of Family and Children’s Services was notified of the situation.

“At the time the snakes were found, there was a child in the house. It was a very dangerous situation for everybody in that home, especially the child,” Mangum said.

As well as the snakes, a box of turtles were also found inside the house, which are also illegal to own. Frederick was charged with nine counts of unlawful possession of reptiles.