The Filipina and her two young sons with their father before he passed away. Photo: Facebook/appledailycharity

A newspaper has launched a charity fund to help a 39-year-old Filipina immigrant wife whose Taiwanese husband died last month, leaving her to raise twin sons.

Emily, carrying her three-year-old sons in her arms, attended the funeral of her 65-year-old Taiwanese husband who had liver cancer and died 0nly a month after being diagnosed with the disease, the Taiwan Apple Daily reported.

Emily moved to Taiwan to work in an electronics factory and met her pastor husband in a church about 10 years ago. The pair married two years later.

The Filipina can only understand and speak a little Chinese, so a kindergarten education would be crucial so the twins can pick up the local languages.

She only had a part-time job in a fast food shop, making it difficult for her to make ends meet as she only earned about NT$10,000 a month, which covered rent and utilities but not much more.

The kindergarten’s headmaster said tuition for the twins would be NT$19,000, which was already discounted. For the time being, free education has been provided for the twins, as the school understood the huge financial burden suddenly shouldered by Emily.

A hospital social worker said they had been assisting Emily, including filing reduction in fees for the medical bills of her husband and arranging an application for a low-income family allowance, which was NT$5,390.

It was hoped the charity fund run by the newspaper Taiwan Apple Daily would help raise funds from readers to further assist the widow and her young sons.

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