Miaoli County Government, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Miaoli County Government, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A foreign domestic caregiver in Maoli, western Taiwan, who was allegedly molested by her elderly charge who suffered from dementia, has been heavily criticized after she posted a video of the old man fondling her while she bathed him.

The caregiver, whose nationality was not revealed, claims to have previously reported the situation to her family employers. She says she told them that the old man repeatedly molested her while she helped him shower, the Taiwan Apple Daily reported.

An online video, allegedly filmed on November 12 by the victim as a way of gathering evidence, showed the accused man in the bathroom touching the victim’s groin.

Since the caregiver was standing with a shower head in one hand, she struggled to fend off the old man’s hands. In the video the man clearly said that he would pay the woman NT$20,000 (US$648) to let him play with her as there was no one home.

Lee Ming-Fang from the Labor Affairs Department of the Maoli County Government said it was confirmed that the elderly man’s inappropriate behavior was due to dementia, according to the old man’s family.

The family had agreed to take turns to supervise the caregiver’s work so as to avoid the pair being alone when he was being bathed. However, the worker seemingly took an opportunity to film the encounter while the family was away.

Nevertheless, as a result, the caregiver’s complaint was established and she agreed not to seek legal action against the elderly employer or his family.

The worker will be assigned to a new employer with the assistance of her employment agency.

Social media commentators expressed mixed views and heated discussion flared over the filming by the victim, saying she was inconsiderate to expose the old man’s identity. They felt that the family obviously had difficulty controlling the elderly man who was clearly in a confused state and might simply be unaware of how inappropriate his actions were.

Others argued that under no circumstances should a caregiver be subject to molestation, and that her using video for evidence was justifiable.

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