Gaomei Wetland Preservation Area, Taichung. Photo:
Gaomei Wetland Preservation Area, Taichung. Photo:

Officers of the Taiwan Coast Guard on Wednesday rescued an 18-year-old Vietnamese university student after she was trapped by rapidly rising tidewaters in the Gaomei Wetlands in Taichung, Taiwan.

The young woman, who had come to Taiwan to further her education, was visiting the renowned Gaomei Wetland Preservation Area with fellow students, the China Daily News reported. Attracted by the beautiful coastal scene, she became separated from the group and walked toward to the waters by herself.

However, the tide rose quickly and trapped on the high ground of an island that was only accessible during low tide.

By 11am, her classmates were not able to find her and, suspecting that she might be trapped somewhere, sought help from the Coast Guard Administration.

A patrol team was sent to search for the woman, who was reportedly unharmed and after the rescue, continued the trip with her classmates.