Daxi Fishing Harbor, Yilan, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Daxi Fishing Harbor, Yilan, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Two migrant fishermen who tried to put out a fierce fire that broke out on a fishing vessel docked at Yilan in northeastern Taiwan on Wednesday morning were sent to hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.

At 10am on October 17, a fire broke out in the cabin of an 80-ton fiberglass fishing boat that had just completed unloading its catch at Daxi Fishing Harbor, Taiwan Formosa Television News reported.

It was learned that it took only a few minutes for the vessel to become completely engulfed by the blaze.

Two migrant workers on shore witnessed the incident and tried to put out the fire. However, the blaze was too fierce and the pair soon felt unwell due to smoke inhalation and retreated to a safer position.

Nearly three hours later, Yilan fire station officers finally extinguished the fire.

The Taiwanese authorities are now investigating the cause of the blaze.