Universitas Al Azhar in Jakarta. Photo by iStock.
Universitas Al Azhar in Jakarta. Photo by iStock.

Malaysian students will soon be able to obtain temporary visas easier to study in Indonesia, which agreed recently to fine-tune its visa system.

“The issuing of temporary student visas has some problems, among them not having a uniform system with agents offering differing prizes [to the students],” Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister, said after a one-day working visit to Indonesia on Tuesday.

The Indonesian government will ease up the process for Malaysian students to obtain their visas, the Malay Mail reported, citing Wan Azizah.

The Indonesian government also raised concerns about undocumented children who have limited access to education in Malaysia.

Wan Azizah said Malaysia would look into the matter from curriculum perspectives to ensure that students will enjoy a smooth transition when admitted to secondary schools in Indonesia from primary schools in Malaysia.

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