Dafu Fishing Harbor, Liouciou, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Dafu Fishing Harbor, Liouciou, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

An Indonesian fisherman was charged with murder on Wednesday after an investigation in Taiwan into the death of his colleague on board a boat at sea.

The Pingtung District Prosecutors Office completed its investigation into the killing on Wednesday and decided to press murder charges against an Indonesian man who allegedly killed another crewman on a Taiwanese fishing vessel at sea in May this year.

Abdul Halim was charged with homicide, as stipulated in Paragraph 1 of Article 271 of the country’s Criminal Code, the China Times reported.

At about 11pm on May 17 this year, while the fishing vessel Ming Man Hsiang No. 38 – registered in the county’s Liouciou Township – was reportedly 530 nautical miles northeast of Guam, Halim had a heated argument with his colleague Hariyanto in the vessel’s kitchen, the China Times reported.

The argument soon became physical and Hariyanto took a kitchen knife and started waving it around. Halim allegedly took the knife from Hariyanto and stabbed and slashed him multiple times until he died. Halim allegedly then tossed the man’s body into the sea.

The fishing boat captain initially reported a crew member missing, but afterwards noticed the wounds on Halim that were allegedly inflicted during the fight. He confronted Halim, who admitted killing his compatriot.