Nanhe Road near Menanli of Tongxiao Town, Miaoli County, where the accident happened. Photo: Google Maps

A 18-year-old Taiwanese-Vietnamese woman and her 47-year-old Vietnamese mother were in a serious condition after being hit by a truck in Miaoli County, western Taiwan, on Tuesday morning.

The two women were on a motorcycle when they were hit and knocked unconscious by a truck driven by a 59-year-old Taiwanese man who allegedly crossed the double lines for overtaking on the highway.

The older Vietnamese woman had recently come to Taiwan and arranged the funeral of her daughter’s father, her former husband, the Taiwan Apple Daily reported.

On August 28, the daughter was taking her mother to a farm to pick potato leaves. The pair were traveling on a section of the Nanhe Road near Menanli of Tongxiao Town.

A preliminary police investigation suggested the truck driver broke the traffic rules by crossing the double lines for overtaking. However, before he could return his lane his hit the women’s motorcycle. The daughter and mother were covered in blood and had severe injuries and lost consciousness at the scene.

Both were in hospital in a critical condition, with the 18-year-old woman diagnosed with open fractures in her arms and legs. The truck driver was arrested for allegedly illegally crossing the double lines.