Taipei Main Station, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Taipei Main Station, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

In a crowded station in Taipei, an Indonesian maid lost her elderly employer who suffers from dementia, and shed tears when she got her back with the help of police officers.

The Indonesian caregiver Yunita, who speaks little Mandarin, sought help from police officers at Taipei Metro station after she became separated from her elderly employer. The missing 62-year-old woman surnamed Hsiao was not capable of expressing herself or communicating with others due to dementia, the China Daily News reported.

When she reported the case to metro police offers, she was crying and shivering with worry. A metro police officer surnamed Yen calmed the maid and asked her for the missing employer’s physical characteristics and last known location.

From CCTV footage they determined that Hsiao boarded a train heading for Taipei main station. The officer accompanied the maid and intercepted her employer at the station platform. Meanwhile, Hsiao’s two daughters, who had been informed of the problem, also arrived and together the three woman took the elderly lady home.

The metro police expressed an appeal to the public to ensure that caregivers stay close to elderly clients, whom they recommended should wear name badges with personal information and the contact details of relatives and caregivers.