Dounan Police Precinct, Yunlin County Police Department. Photo: Google Maps
Dounan Police Precinct, Yunlin County Police Department. Photo: Google Maps

A nightclub in Yunlin, western Taiwan, that had a prior history of holding drug parties was raided by police, and 68 customers, 54 of whom were foreigners, and four staff, including the owner, were arrested for allegedly possessing and using ketamine, drug-laced coffee powder and other illicit drugs.

After a tip, more than 80 officers from the Criminal Investigation Division, three precincts of Yunlin police, and the National Immigration Agency conducted a joint raid on the nightclub in Dounan during the early hours of August 12, the Taiwan Apple Daily reported.

The 32-year-old Taiwanese nightclub owner and three staffers were arrested on suspicion of drug possession after they were allegedly found carrying 1.18 kilograms of ketamine, nine ketamine-laced cigarettes and a large quantity of drug-laced coffee powder in their pockets.

A 35-year-old Taiwanese customer was also arrested for alleged possession of three sachets of drug-laced coffee powder.

The remaining 67 customers, 54 of whom were foreign migrant workers, were arrested for allegedly using illicit substances. Police said they would press drug charges once urine tests proved positive for the presence of any illicit substances.

As the club had been raided several times before, police had thought the owner might have shut it down, but preliminary investigation suggested that he and his accomplices instead revived the business by attracting foreign migrant workers as customers.