The Department of Psychology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A Taiwanese-Indonesian schoolboy has secured an offer to study at the prestigious National Taiwan University after recording the top score in his school at an Advanced Subjects Test conducted in April.

And Liao Jeng-Hwa says the secret to his success is having realised since his childhood that he would have to depend on his own resources if he wanted to do well in academic studies, The Liberty Times reported.

Liao, who has a Taiwanese father and an Indonesian mother, both working parents, has already used this mantra to good effect after his initial entrance score of 71 in the General Scholastic Ability Test in January was one mark short of what he needed to study for a bachelor degree in psychology at the country’s leading university.

Determined to make the grade, Liao decided to sit the Advanced Subjects Test in April, and challenged himself by taking a different range of subjects. This meant he had to revise everything in a period of less than three months.

It worked: when results were released on Thursday, Liao was notified by the principal that he had scored 529.5, the best in his school. It is all rather easy if you have a study plan and persevere, he insisted.