Sanmin South Road, Shengang district, Taichung City, Taiwan Photo: Google Maps

A 45-year-old Vietnamese woman was killed in a traffic accident in Taichung City in Taiwan.

At 8 pm on July 5, a 38-year-old Taiwanese man surnamed Kan, a pharmacist, was driving along Sanmin South Road, the Taiwan Apple Daily reported. He mistakenly swerved into opposing traffic and collided with a motorcycle coming the other way.

The rider of the motorcycle, a woman surnamed Fan, was thrown more than 12 meters by the power of the collision. Suffering from serious injuries, she was rushed to hospital, where she was certified dead.

Citing a preliminary investigation, the police said Kan was exhausted by work and family duties as he has three children.

Kan claimed that his vision was blurred by the rain and was not aware that he was driving in the wrong lane until the accident happened. He said he was driving at around 30 kilometers per hour at the time. Kan was arrested by the police and could face a charge of negligent manslaughter.

The victim got married and moved to Taiwan seven years ago. She worked at a café and was the sole breadwinner for her family as her husband was serving a jail term for multiple drunk driving offenses.

The couple do not have children, and live with the husband’s 86-year-old mother.