The Nanzih District Household Registration Office in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

An elderly man from Kaohsiung City has expressed relief after his four-year-old granddaughter, whose mother is a Vietnamese migrant, received Taiwanese permanent-resident status registered under his household.

Four years ago, the elderly man surnamed Huang became the guardian of the stateless toddler after his son had a brief extramarital affair with a married Vietnamese migrant, who was later arrested and repatriated by the authorities because she had overstayed in the country, the China Times reported.

Seeing his beloved granddaughter growing up, the elderly Huang sought help from the Nanzih District Household Registration Office in Kaohsiung. It took more than three years to complete verification of the documents required.

Another married Vietnamese woman surnamed Nguyen got into a similar dilemma in Taoyuan City after giving birth to a son fathered by a Taiwanese boyfriend.

The mother was too worried to get her child registered in Taiwan because she did not want to shock her husband or boyfriend.

But such things cannot be hidden for long. And with her son now two years old, he needed to be registered at a household in order to be admitted for pre-school education and get medical coverage.

With officers’ help and guidance, Nguyen obtained confirmation from her Vietnamese husband as well as a report on the parents’ DNA (between her and her Taiwanese boyfriend), proving that the child was a Taiwanese-Vietnamese.

The authorities have said that in recent years the phenomenon of parents not registering newborn children stems primarily from the fact they are unmarried casual couples and the mothers are migrant workers.

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