Indonesian singer Siti Badriah (inset) thanked the Taiwanese government for their care of Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan. Photos: Instagram (@sitibadriahh)/Wikimedia Commons

A popular Indonesian singer has expressed her gratitude to the people and government of Taiwan for taking good care of migrant workers from Southeast Asia, including those from her country.

Siti Badriah, 26, known as Indonesia’s ‘Queen of YouTube,’ learned that on Eid al-Fitre, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen released a video message thanking Indonesian workers for their hard work and contributions to his country, the Taipei Times reported.

“I’m really delighted to learn that Taiwan’s president and government are taking good care of Indonesians in Taiwan and treasure their presence in Taiwan,” Badriah said.

The singer has had close ties with Taiwan since performing at a concert in Taipei in 2016 to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. She said she would like to perform in Taiwan again after her successful performance there two years ago.

“If I have a chance, I will not be doing it like I’m working there. It will be like I’m visiting friends and relatives, enjoying a party in their company,” she said.

Badriah’s music video for Lagi Syantik, which means Pretty Full, had more than 170 million views on YouTube, which earned her the nickname “Indonesia’s Queen of YouTube.”