Shihlin District Court, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Shihlin District Court, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 66-year-old Taiwanese woman who allegedly imprisoned and beat her Indonesian domestic worker was found innocent by Shihlin District Court, Taiwan, due to contradictions in the victim’s statements.

The Indonesian victim, who was hired in June 2016 by the employer surnamed Chiang — a renowned fortune teller in Taiwan — was said to have been imprisoned and beaten by Chiang and her two sons. The younger son had also allegedly indecently assaulted the worker, the Liberty Times reported.

The alleged abuse case was exposed after the worker fled from the employer’s fourth-floor flat via the balcony. During her escape on June 3, 2017, she fell from the building and injured herself. After investigating the event, prosecutors pressed charges against Chiang and her two sons.

The Shihlin District Court found that both Chiang, who was physically disabled and often bedridden, and her elder son, who had received surgery on his hands, were unlikely to be able to physically assault the maid.

The younger son reportedly worked full-time from early morning until late at night, meaning that he had few opportunities to harm the worker.

When the domestic worker was confronted by the defence lawyer during the court hearing, she failed to explain the details of the case consistently, prompting the judge to find Chiang and her younger son innocent.

Meanwhile, the elder son was found guilty of perjury as he had previously told the court that the maid had run away five days before her fall. Security video footage confirmed that the maid climbed from the home on the day in question and sought help from passers-by. away.

Chiang’s elder son was sentenced to 50 days in prison, or alternatively, to be fined NT$50,000 (US$1,680) for being convicted on one count of perjury.