High Court at Taichung City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
High Court at Taichung City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A Taiwanese politician who was previously found not guilty of adultery  saw the verdict reversed and was sentenced to two months in jail by the Taiwan High Court in Taichung on Thursday.

In 2015, a married Vietnamese immigrant met the defendant – Miaoli County Councilor Chen Guang-Syuan, a member of the Democratic Progressive Party – and sought his help because her shop had allegedly been frequently harassed by gangsters, China Times reported.

One night in November that year, Chen dated the woman, and they had sex inside his car.

The Vietnamese woman was reportedly remorseful about the incident and filed a rape report against Chen. However, the Miaoli Prosecutor’s Office decided not to press charges after an investigation, and sent an official reply to the woman’s home.

Her husband was furious after learning of the affair by reading the letter from the prosecutor’s office. He then filed a case against Chen for committing offenses against his marriage and family, and committing adultery with his wife.

However, Miaoli District Court found Chen not guilty, after which an appeal was filed.

A conversation log between Chen and the Vietnamese woman was presented as evidence at the Taiwan High Court in Taichung. In it, Chen said the incident was consensual and that his wife was devastated when the woman said she needed to file a case against him, as it outraged her modesty.

The judge thus ruled that the pair did have sexual intercourse as alleged and found Chen guilty of committing adultery. He was sentenced to two months in jail, or to be fined as alternative punishment.