Ho Shin Nursing Facility, Hsinchu County, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Ho Shin Nursing Facility, Hsinchu County, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Three 22-year-old Indonesian women, two of whom were later suspended from work, were slammed for live-streaming a video of them changing diapers for an elderly patient at a nursing facility in Hsinchu, northwestern Taiwan. The clip went viral over the weekend.

The incident happened in Ho Shin Nursing Facility, located in Zhubei City, Hsinchu County on June 5. An Indonesian carer in the employ of the patient’s family filmed two other carers using the live-streaming app Tik Tok, also known as Douyin, while the pair were conducting nursing care procedures, The Liberty Times reported.

The smartphone app allows users to create their own short videos, which can then be shared on social media platforms.

In the video, one of the facility carers was seen posing with milk and a nasal feeding tube while the pair were also seen changing a diaper for the patient, whose chest and genitalia were clearly exposed.

The director of the nursing home was quoted as apologizing deeply for the inadequate education and training of the facility’s staff on the matter of safeguarding patients’ privacy. The two carers have been suspended from their roles.

The care home involved does not allow staff members to carry their phones during work, and no pictures or filming are allowed in the ward.

However, carers hired by the patients’ families are not subject to the no-mobile-phone rule; care home bosses are now reviewing these regulations, and have promised to take measures to avoid any similar incidents happening in future.

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