DPP Nantou County Councilor Lo Mei-lin (center) paid a visit to the husband and his wife (right). Photo: Facebook/DPP in Nantou

A Vietnamese woman married to a Taiwanese man who wanted to see her aging parents in her country has finally seen her dream come true after a joint effort from the Democratic Progressive Party in Nantou County, District 300-C3 of Lions Clubs International and a non-governmental organization.

In 1998 the Vietnamese woman married a Taiwanese man and they have a 19-year-old daughter and a 17-year-old son, The Liberty Times reported.

Over the years the family fell into financial difficulties because the husband contracted schizophrenia, the daughter had epilepsy and the son was mentally retarded.

The wife, who had not seen her aging parents for more than 20 years, learned that her 72-year-old father and mother were both in ill health and wanted to see her parents in Vietnam.

DPP Nantou County Councilor Lo Mei-lin, who is also the chairlady of District 300-C3 of Lions Clubs International and herself a new immigrant to Taiwan from Malaysia, appealed for sponsors to help pay for the trip.

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