Indonesian migrant workers perform during the Ramadan festival. Photo: Taoyuan City
Indonesian migrant workers perform during the Ramadan festival. Photo: Taoyuan City

A Ramadan praying activity kicked off for the first time in Taoyuan on Sunday for Indonesian migrant workers.

The Taoyuan city government will put a lot of effort into caring for  Indonesian migrant workers and supporting activities organized by the mosques and Indonesian organizations, Cheng Wen-tsan, mayor of Taoyuan City, said in an opening speech of the Ramadan praying activity at Jianguo Park.

“We hope brothers and sisters from Indonesia can treat Taoyuan as a second home,” Cheng said, adding that Taoyuan is seeking to become a sister city with several Indonesian cities.

Indonesian singers put on a show. Photo: Taoyuan City

In the past, Taoyuan city has organized many sport and cultural activities for Indonesians, Cheng said.

Last month, the city also launched VIPT (Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand)  Agriculture Museum during the 2018 Taoyuan Agriculture Expo. During the opening ceremony, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said she was amazed by the Shaman Dance performed by Indonesian dancers.

In July, a New Immigrant Cultural Resort will open in Taoyuan to provide services to all migrant workers and new immigrants.

Robert James Bintaryo (left) and Cheng Wen-tsan Photo: Taoyuan City

Robert James Bintaryo, a representative of the Indonesia Economic and Trade Office to Taipei, and Kiyai TGH, Fauzan Zakaria, Lc., MSI, a religious leader from Nusa Tenggara Barat, also attended the Sunday ceremony to kick off the Ramadan praying activity.

At the end of March, there were 670,000 migrants workers in Taiwan, 260,000 of them come from Indonesia. A total of 28,000 Indonesians are now staying in Taoyuan.

A second home. Photo: Taoyuan City

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