Pingtung County Government in southern Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Pingtung County Government in southern Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 67-year-old man from southern Taiwan has been hailed as the model employer of the year by Pingtung County officials for his unconditional care for his Indonesian domestic caregiver, who was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago.

The man surnamed Hsu hired Yuli, from Indonesia, eight years ago to look after his elderly mother, who was then in her eighties, The Liberty Times reported.

The maid got along with the family well and Hsu said she was an excellent helper who shouldered many burdens for the whole family.

Around four years ago Yuli went to the doctor to check a suspected breast cancer lump after watching an educational health program on television and conducting a self-examination.

While many employers opt to send a sick maid home due to the costly medical fees they would face, Hsu told Yuli that she was considered an indispensable member of their family and all the medical and daily care she needed was available in Taiwan.

Hsu asked the employment agency to send an interpreter to accompany Yuli to hospital for weekly sessions of chemotherapy. The maid was able to fully recover and be reunited with her family in Indonesia in March this year.

Hsu’s mother said she was glad that Yuli could restore her good health, while Hsu told reporters humbly that it was no big achievement – just a chance for him to reciprocate her years of dedication in taking care of his elderly mother.

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