Hualien City in Taiwan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

The family of a Filipino caregiver killed in an earthquake last month in Hualien City still has not received the promised compensation from the Taiwanese government.

Melody Albano Castro’s family in the Philippines was due to receive NT$1.19 million (US$40,631) after Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor pledged to provide aid to her family, Focus Taiwan reported.

However, after a month since the tragedy, Castro’s family has not received the compensation as she is not covered by Taiwan’s labor insurance program, which would have guaranteed her benefits and financial aid.

Gilda Banugan, chairperson of Migrante International in Taiwan, said the government may have promised to offer Castro’s family compensation because it was a high profile case.

“If she died in a different situation, maybe her family could not claim the benefits,” Banugan said.

Banugan urged the government to revise the labor laws and increase the salaries for migrant workers so they can afford insurance.

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