Hsin-chu Fishing Harbor in Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Hsin-chu Fishing Harbor in Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

The abuses inflicted on migrant fishermen in Taiwan has been highlighted in a video produced by a human rights organization, who interviewed a number of men employed on the boats.

According to the video titled Exploitation and Lawlessness: The Dark Side of Taiwan’s Fishing Fleet filmed by the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), migrant workers spoke of their experiences or recalled their friend’s suffering on the boats.

Father Peter Nguyen Van Hung, the director of the Vietnamese Migrant Workers and Brides Office, claimed fishermen in Taiwan faced violence, abuses and cruel threats.

One man who was interviewed said his friend was held at gunpoint while others brutally beat him. Another migrant fisherman recounted how frightened he was while clearing debris from the boat’s propeller alone, fearing sharks could take him at any moment.

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