The Taichung District Court. Photo: Google Maps
The Taichung District Court. Photo: Google Maps

A jealous Taiwanese woman who beat and imprisoned a migrant worker from Indonesia has been found guilty and offered the option of an 11-month jail term or a fine.

The 41-year-old woman from Taichung in central Taiwan, the mistress to the Indonesian maid’s married employer and who has a son to the man, learned he was also having an affair with the Indonesian domestic worker, The Liberty Times reported.

After discovering the Indonesian woman was pregnant to her employer, the jealous Taiwanese woman sought revenge with six of her friends. In May 2016, the woman and six men abducted the Indonesian maid, put a bag over her head and took her to a quiet corner in Taichung Metropolitan Park.

There they beat her, burned her arms with cigarettes and threatened to take the pregnant woman for an abortion. The maid was then taken to a motel in Xitun district where she was detained for the night.

The following day she was taken to Beitun police station and was found to have overstayed her visa, but told police about the physical abuses and the imprisonment she had suffered.

All those involved were charged and found guilty by Taichung District Court of violating the maid’s liberty and the woman who masterminded the plot was sentenced to 11 months in jail, while the others received sentences of between four and 10 months. All were allowed to be fined as an alternative punishment.

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