The High Court in Taichung, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
The High Court in Taichung, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 45-year-old man from central Taiwan who attempted to kill his former wife has had his jail term reduced by the High Court in Taichung.

The man surnamed Wang, who was initially jailed for 11 years by Changhua District Court, received a six-month reduction in his sentence, The Real Daily reported on Tuesday.

His term was reduced after a jury in the High Court found that he was remorseful and had tried to repair his relationship with his former wife, who came from Vietnam.

The court learned that Wang married the Vietnamese woman in 2005, and the pair divorced in 2013, with the woman granted custody of their child.

The man was said to be furious after the divorce, as he believed that he had been “used” for financial means.

Wang had previously confronted the woman, who admitted that she had a close relationship with a man in Vietnam and had sent money back to her mother country from time to time throughout their marriage.

On October 7, 2015, Wang followed his ex-wife in his vehicle and cut her with a knife in Puyan Town in Changhua County. However, a woman who was a friend of his former wife, happened to pass by on a motorcycle and helped take her away from her angry former husband.

But Wang did not give up. He chased the pair and deliberately collided into their motorcycle, injuring both the women.

The jury in the High Court in Taichung resolved that there was a slight degree of uncertainty on whether Wang fully intended to kill his former wife, as he had shown remorse and took action to try to mend their relationship.

Because of this, the man will be able to leave jail half a year earlier than the first court ruled when he was convicted of attempted murder.