People traditionally go cleaning and sweeping ancestors' graves on the Ching Ming Festival. Photo: iStock

A message on social media questioning the holiday arrangements for domestic workers in Hong Kong has drawn a lot of criticism.

A netizen named Suki posted a message on a Facebook group called “Support Group for HK Employers with Foreign Domestic Helpers” on Monday that questioned why foreign maids whose traditions do not oblige them to go tomb-sweeping on the Ching Ming Festival can still enjoy a one-day holiday, Oriental Daily reported.

This year’s Ching Ming Festival, when Chinese people traditionally go to clean and sweep the graves of their ancestors, falls on April 5. Ching Ming is one of the 12 statutory holidays in Hong Kong that domestic workers are entitled to enjoy.

Suki complained that she would not be able to take her young children to go tomb-sweeping and there would be no one to take care of them because her maid would have the day off.

She said that as foreign workers did not have any ancestors to worship at the festival, how could it be that they still enjoy the day off and go partying with their friends?

One netizen advised Suki to ask her domestic worker to swap the holiday for a different day. Suki said her maid at first refused to make such a swap, but after negotiation, she finally agreed to rearrange her holiday.

Many netizens slammed Suki’s message and accused her of being a mean employer. Some said she should not have Christmas holidays if she is not a Christian.

One netizen lamented that once some Hongkongers hire a domestic worker, they start behaving like landlords or capitalists who like exploiting workers.

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