Taipei Main Station in Taipei City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Taipei Main Station in Taipei City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

One person was killed and another injured in separate accidents on Taiwan’s railway system on Wednesday – falling at platforms with no screen doors to protect passengers and getting hit by trains.

A 38-year-old woman surnamed Chang was allegedly feeling unwell and fainted as her upper body fell toward the tracks just five seconds before an express train entered the Taipei Main Station at 7.28am, Taiwan Apple Daily reported.

Seeing the woman fall, the driver of the incoming train pulled the brake to stop it while two commuters tried to pull Chang back to safety. But they were unable to prevent a tragedy.

The front of the express train hit Chang and pushed her 20 meters, causing a serious brain injury. She was resuscitated by an off-duty paramedic at the scene and rushed to National Taiwan University Hospital, but she was certified as dead an hour later.

At 3.30pm, a 31-year-old Indonesian migrant worker named Rokim, who was allegedly drunk as he smelt strongly of alcohol, lost his balance while attempting to chase a train at Zhongli railway station in Taoyuan. He fell and was hit by an incoming train.

The impact left Rokim with a four-centimeter cut on his forehead. But he remained stable and conscious when sent to a hospital for treatment.