Yung Ping Vocational High School, Yangmei district, Taoyuan, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Six immigrant wives of Southeast Asian origin in Yangmei district of Taoyuan City, southwestern Taiwan, have been role models for their children as well as inspiring many others by pursuing further education at night school, obtaining professional qualifications and winning competitions.

Susan, who came from Indonesia, is married to a Taiwanese man and has lived in Yangmei since the age of 18. As a keen learner, as well as to show support to her son, who is studying catering services at the day section of Yung Ping Vocational High School, the mother took a barista class in the night section of the same school, United Daily News reported this weekend.

Susan has obtained her foundation certificate in barista skills, and now is a beginner barista who loves making latte topped with beautiful patterns of foam.

A classmate of Susan, also Indonesian, works in an electronics factory during the day and spent her evenings in a senior-secondary-school curriculum at Yang Mei Junior High School for the past nine years, graduating first in class for English public speaking. Now she is continuing her education in Yung Ping.

A Thai and an Indonesian who enrolled in catering-service class won a cooking competition with their creative dish of sesame oil chicken and rice. The two women have successfully persuaded two of their friends to join the class as well.