Yongkang Precinct of the Tainan City Government Police Bureau. Photo: Google Maps

A 29-year-old Vietnamese migrant worker in Taiwan was arrested for attempted homicide after allegedly wounding three compatriots at a restaurant in Yongkang district of Tainan City.

On Sunday afternoon, a Vietnamese man surnamed Mai was celebrating his birthday and drinking with friends at a Vietnamese restaurant on Zhengqiang Street, China Daily News reported on Tuesday.

Mai was reportedly slapped in the face during a dispute. Police arrived at the scene, listed the case as a dispute and sent Mai to hospital for treatment.

Later in the day, Mai returned to the restaurant, where three of his compatriots – two men and a woman – were still gathered. He was accompanied by another Vietnamese man, a 28-year-old runaway worker surnamed Chin, and both were armed with sharp objects.

Mai and Chin then allegedly attacked the three victims. One man sustained lacerations to his head, while the second man had his back cut open. The woman suffered damage to tendons in her hands.

The two assailants fled after the alleged attack. By late that night, police had located Mai and arrested him for attempted murder of the trio. He had in the meantime disposed of his weapon, and he refused to give a description of it to the police.

Police were continuing to search for Chin as of the day of report.