Hsieh Lung Temple on Dongchuan Road in Yanchao district in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A Vietnamese worker who appeared at a police precinct in Kaohsiung City in Taiwan had an unusual problem – he had found thousands of dollars as well, plus cards – and was anxious for them to be given back to their rightful owner.

The duty officer surnamed Huang said he was very confused by the Vietnamese visitor because the foreign man could not speak Mandarin, while carrying a small fortune in his hands, The Commons Daily reported.

The officer sought assistance from an employment agent, who arranged an interpreter to go to Gangshan Precinct in Kaohsiung City’s Police Bureau.

The Vietnamese man was a factory worker from Tai Cheng Flour Mill on Heng Shan Road in Yanchao district. He had taken a stroll after work and found a pile of money – thousands of Taiwanese dollars (hundreds of US dollars) – plus cards on the ground near Hsieh Lung Temple on Dongchuan Road.

An honest man, he picked the cash up and rushed to the police station.

The officer believed that the valuables would probably belong to a citizen living in the neighborhood. So he went through the cards for personal information that could lead to the owner.

The owner only realized that his money and cards had fallen out of his jacket pocket when he received a phone call from Huang, the police officer. He said he was moved and grateful for the Vietnamese worker’s noble act.

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