Chiu Kuang-Long and his wife Jamea Juntilla posted a picture during a sports event. Photo: Facebook / Chiu Kuang-Long

The former caregiver of a Taiwanese paraplegic who ended up marrying him six years ago has finally had the satisfaction of donning a wedding gown and having a formal wedding ceremony.

Chiu Kiang-Long, now 45, became wheelchair-bound because of spinal-cord injuries suffered in a motor-vehicle accident during military service at the age of 22, China Daily News reported.

Known as an active amateur athlete, Chiu was devastated and had to be looked after by a caregiver. That is how he met Jamea Juntilla, a Filipino who became his personal caretaker.

As it turned out, on top of taking care of his everyday life, she was a great listener, and gradually became his soulmate.

The pair fell for each other, and developed a romantic relationship. But from time to time, Chiu hesitated to pursue it, as he believed Juntilla deserved a better man as her husband.

But Juntilla reassured him that he was indeed a good man, and she was confident that she could look after him despite the risk of bitterness from the fact that he is physically challenged.

In 2013, the pair got married and lived happily together as always. Yet Chiu recently expressed his belief to friends that he owed Juntilla a proper wedding ceremony and regretted that his beautiful wife had not been seen wearing a wedding gown.

Finally Chiu and Juntilla put on their wedding outfits, she in a gown and he in a suit, and arranged a ceremony with the help of Ho Wen-Tsan, the president of Tainan Tzu Kuang, a charity group dedicated to serving physically challenged people.

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