New Taipei District Court, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
New Taipei District Court, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 24-year-old Vietnamese migrant worker who fell in love with his employer’s 13-year-old daughter was to be repatriated after pleading guilty at New Taipei District Court on Monday to having sex with his underage girlfriend four times.

However, the offender was given a suspended jail sentence after agreeing to a compensation settlement with the girl’s family.

The defendant surnamed Nguyen, who had been working for the female employer since 2015, met her daughter at the girl’s birthday party in April of the same year, Taiwan Apple Daily reported.

The pair soon developed a romantic relationship. In early August 2016, Nguyen took the underage girl to his friend’s apartment in Xinzhuang district, where they had sex for the first time. Afterward, they did it again twice inside the hostel unit where he lived.

On August 22 last year, the girl arranged another encounter with her Vietnamese boyfriend at a park near her home by lying to her mother that she had to go out to buy some medicine. Shortly afterward, the mother unexpectedly also had to go out for business, and was shocked to find her daughter’s clothing disheveled.

She confronted the girl, who admitted that she had just had sex with the defendant in a dark corner of the park. The mother was furious and called the police.

The court learned that the underage girl had been voluntarily having sex with the defendant, whom she regarded as her boyfriend. Nguyen pleaded guilty to having sex with underage girl.

Since a civil case might have irreversibly hurt the relationship of the mother and daughter, the judge strongly advised the woman to forgive the pair. The mother then agreed to accept compensation from the Vietnamese man totaling NT$230,000 (US$7,680).

Since Nguyen’s family had gotten into financial difficulties from paying NT$150,000 of the compensation settlement, the remaining sum was agreed to be transferred to the girl’s family in monthly installments of NT$3,000.

As part of the agreement, the man was given a light sentence of two years’ imprisonment, suspended for three years, and was ordered to be repatriated.

However, since the mother insisted that her daughter should be separated from the defendant as soon as possible, the court ruled that Nguyen’s repatriation would become effective immediately.

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