A glimpse of series four of Black Mirror. Photo: Netflix
A glimpse of series four of Black Mirror. Photo: Netflix

They are simply hooked on pot-boilers. Hong Kong and Taiwanese viewers have shown they have a ravenous appetite for the latest must-see online dramas.

On average, they usually take just 72 hours to watch a complete series compared to the global rate of four days, Netflix has reported.

Normally, it would take three weeks to watch mega dramas, such Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why, on traditional major TV networks. But now it can take just days.

Still, Hong Kong and Taiwan are out on their own when it comes to speed and endurance.

Many Hongkongers go on a viewing binge for countless hours. This is known locally as a “boiling drama”, which in Cantonese translates to making Chinese soup.

But then, Netflix’s data released on streaming and video-on-demand gave an intriguing glimpse into the viewing habits of the Hong Kong people.

Released in Taiwan yesterday, the statistics are part of the entertainment group’s annual report of its 109 million global members. Overall, they spent about 140 million hours watching Netflix movies this year.

The findings were consistent with other surveys in the region. Yesterday, Google revealed seven of the top 10 key search words were for TV dramas and movies.

Half of them were for Chinese series produced by mainstream television broadcasters on free-to-air TV in Hong Kong.

The city’s infatuation was also illustrated by the number of smart devices they have. Netflix data reported that Asian members have an average of three to five devices connected to their accounts.

A typical customer will have subscription access to a smart TV, an iPad or tablet, a smart phone and probably a home computer.

The Netflix research also showed a strong correlation between viewing and typhoons. Hong Kong recorded the highest hours on Netflix for a single day on October 15 during Typhoon Khanun. It was same for viewers in Taiwan for Typhoon Nesat on July 30.

One quirky fact was that a Netflix customer watched the Angry Birds Movie 97 times this year. Now, that is what you call dedication.

Finally, Netflix provided the top movies and series for extra-marital affairs. This referred to someone who watched films or dramas behind the back of his or her spouse. The top three were Black Mirror, Stranger Things and Sense 8.