Wang Hsin-Chi, left, reminded employers to check prospective staff before hiring them. Photo:

People should conduct proper background checks before employing a foreign worker – as they could face a heavy fine for hiring an illegal person, the head of Tainan City’s Labor Affairs Bureau warned.

A Taiwanese man from Tainan, whose father was critically ill, hired a foreign woman named Tina in a rush without doing any background checks, as the elderly man required full-time intensive care and no one in the family could leave their job to look after him, China Daily News reported.

Tina was said to be married to a local man in the city, and had a son. Reassured by a family picture and her permit to stay in Taiwan, the man hired the woman right away.

However, two days later, an investigation team sent by the National Immigration Agency found out that Tina was a runaway migrant worker. So, the employer now has to face a fine between NT$150,000 and $750,000 (US$4,995 to $24,974).

Wang Hsin-Chi, director of Tainan City’s Labor Affairs Bureau, said employers should ask prospective foreign employees to produce original documents – both resident certificates and household registration records, to confirm if he or she is truly married to a permanent resident of Taiwan and thus entitled to legal employment in the country.

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