The Bazhang River near I Hsing Village, Shuishang Town, Chiayi County, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Police in Taiwan are investigating the possible murder of a migrant worker – who may have been Indonesian and aged in his thirties –after the body of a man was found in just underpants by a river in Chiayi, in southwestern Taiwan, on Thursday evening.

An elderly farmer surnamed Wang discovered the foreign man’s body in the grass by the Bazhang River in I Hsing Village, Shuishang Town, at 5pm on September 28, Taiwan Apple Daily reported.

Police suspect the man was murdered, as his hands and legs were both tied up, suggesting he was killed somewhere then dumped at that spot. The victim was of medium build and wearing only underpants. No documents were found nearby that could help to identify him.

A metal ring and an item of clothing with the words “sarung tenun LONTAR” were found in the river. “Sarung tenun” refers to traditional clothing for Indonesian men for religious practice, which has led police to suspect the victim could be a migrant worker from that country.

While Taiwan police wait for the results of an autopsy and DNA tests to try to ascertain the dead man’s identity, officers also conducted searches and made inquiries at factories in the area about any missing workers who had physical attributes similar to the victim.